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If you are searching for an athletic therapist, personal trainer, or wellness coach in Montreal, Westmount, South Shore, Laval, West Island or Ile-Bizard, Be Training - a proud CrossFit Affiliate - is the solution. We deliver results tailored to the needs of athletes, children, pregnant and postpartum women, and you, the person reading this - the person searching for a way to finally change his or her life. Our goal is to make fitness possible for everyone. We do this through effective fitness training, nutrition education, and injury rehabilitation.

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HIIT the Deck Boot Camp Start January 16 in Westmount and Ile Bizard

2016-01-01 16:15:05

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Ever wonder why despite all of the hours of running you do and salad you eat, it is still impossible to loose weight?  Ever wonder why every fitness program you’ve ever tried has failed miserably in providing you with permanent results?  The good news is it’s not you! Fitness is possible for everyone.



Would you believe that 70% of your fitness and wellness goals are dependent on clean nutrition? The dawn of agriculture, fast food and shelf-life extension has introduced unnatural and harmful fats and chemicals into our diets.  And to top it off, labels have not only confused and frustrated us, but have misled us completely in believing a product is good for us.  The results are unkind: increased incidences of cancer, heart disease, depression and obesity.



Living with chronic pain is not a way of life for anyone. Back, neck and knee pain take away from your quality of life, preventing you from doing all of the activities you love to do.  Our jobs are becoming increasingly inactive.  We find ourselves working longer hours, sitting in front of a computer, or driving and travelling with our bodies in the same position for hours.